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School Hours
 Resumption - 7.45 am
 Closing - 3.00 pm (Mondays - Thursdays), Friday - 1 00 p.m.

We have a team of qualified and experienced teachers who receive constant training in innovations in teaching and learning. We are committed to building confident future leaders who will excel intellectually socially and morally in all spheres of life.
 Academic Programme/Grading System

 Teaching and learning is fun in LBIS. Our unique integrated British and Nigerian curriculum prepare our pupils to be Nigerians as well as global citizens, well attuned to life in the 21st Century. We offer the following subjects:

 ·         Literacy
 ·         Numeracy
 ·         Science
 ·         Information Communication Technology
 ·         Social Studies
 ·         History
 ·         Geography
 ·         French
 ·         Nigerian Languages (Yoruba/ Hausa/Igbo)
 ·         Religion (Christian Religious Studies/Islamic Religious Studies)
 ·         Physical Education
 ·         Music
 ·         Art
We recognize that every child is unique and our small class sizes with two teachers in each, boost our pupils’ potential to be the best that they can be.
Age range by September:
 ·         Year 1 - 5
 ·         Year 2 - 6
 ·         Year 3 - 7
 ·         Year 4 - 8
 ·         Year 5 - 9
 ·         Year 6 - 10.
Every member of our School Community works towards surpassing the most demanding standards available anywhere in the world. Parents are fully involved and we take pride in being a close knit family

 Our facilities inspire pupils to learn, equip them to excel and empower them to thrive in a dynamic world. We have a well-resourced ICT Laboratory, Music and Art Studios, spacious classrooms that are very conducive to learning and they are air-conditioned and well resourced. Our pupils have access to a safe playground, model football pitch and a well-furnished Library with interesting and educative books and resources to boost the reading culture in our children.  Our cafeteria serves local and international dishes which are both healthy and nutritious.
Co-Curricular Activities
LBIS has a high standard of education and a wide range of co-curricular activities that build up the confidence of the learners and thus equipping them to deal with the future academic and life challenges. Parents applaud our wide range of child-friendly activities.

The following After School Activities hold on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays:
 ·         Orchestra
 ·         Press/Debate
 ·         ICT
 ·         Dance/Drama
 ·         Karate
 ·         Science
 ·         French
 ·         Sewing talent/ Art
 ·         Swimming.
 ·         Football

Educational Visits/Trips
Our pupils go for educational tours abroad twice every year and these expose them to true life scenarios and case–studies, thereby giving them an edge over their counterparts in other schools. We also embark on local excursions and tours.

Our pupils have won positions in competitions in Mathematics, Debate, Essay Writing, French, Sports and other competitions.
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