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School Calendar


1.    School Hours
Resumption time:  - 7:45 a.m.
Closing time:           - 1:30 p.m.  (Monday to Thursday)
Friday: closing time: 1:00 pm.

Pupils take a break to have snacks mid-morning and lunch in the afternoon.

2.    Staffing
Each class is led and managed by graduate teachers who have received specialist training in delivering the Early Years Curriculum. The Emerald, Diamond and Gold levels have two teachers each while the Crèche and Topaz classes are staffed depending on the number of pupils to ensure that adequate pupil:staff ratio is maintained. Our pupils also enjoy the services of specialist French and Sports teachers. Our school is conscious of the importance of the male figure in child development and therefore has a mix of gender on the staff. The teachers are friendly but firm and they provide appropriate models so as to guide and motivate the pupils to be successful learners.

3.    Admissions/Grading System
Admission into the Crèche (Sunshine Class) is ongoing throughout the year. For admission into other classes, children are assessed to determine their needs prior to them starting school.

Our classes are age specific and we adhere strictly to the age requirements. Pupils for each class must have reached the stipulated class age by the 30th of September of the year of their admission.

Early Years admission age-range:
•    Sunshine Class (crèche)     –   0-14 months
•    Topaz Class                –   14 months by September
•    Emerald Class            –   2 years by September
•    Diamond Class           –   3 years by September
•    Gold Class                    –  4 years by September

4.    Academic Programme
In the Early Years section of Lead British International School, we provide a synergy of the best of the British Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and that of the Early Childhood Education and Care of Nigeria and ensure that the fusion meets the needs of the diverse pupils we serve.

We ensure all children are aware of the Nigerian heritage through language, music, drama, song, dance and art. Our focus is the optimum development of the child and a thorough preparation for a successful transition to the primary school.

We work with our pupils and their parents/guardians to ensure that their attainment of the Prime and Specific Early Learning Goals (ELG) is achieved in the seven areas of learning of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum:
1.    Communication and Language
2.    Literacy
3.    Problem Solving, Reasoning & Numeracy
4.    Physical Development
5.    Creative Development
6.    Personal, Social and Emotional Development
7.    Understanding the World

The pupil’s learning is firmly rooted in exploration and discovery and in transferring knowledge to situations beyond the classroom to real life situations . This is supported by the active participation of parents.

The pupil’s progress is monitored rigorously via a variety of processes. We keep a Learning Journal for each child which provides a visual record of each child’s goals and achievements.

5.    Accommodation
Our classrooms are large with ample space for play-based learning so that our pupils develop the skills for independent learning. Our curricular and co-curricular activities are delivered in a learner-friendly environment both indoors and outdoors.

Our pupils get the opportunity daily to exercise their growing muscles.  Daily exercise  takes place in our well laid out and safe play area, with artificial turf that guarantees safety especially for those children allergic to natural grass.

We have an easily accessible orchard by the school cafeteria which offers a grassy lawn, shrubs and fruit trees. These provide children with an array of learning opportunities and information about the world around them.

6.    Educational Visits and Trips
We expand the walls of our classrooms for our pupils so they can have a range of new experiences that increase their potential and develop a variety of skills. Excursions - on site and off site - are vital to the learning of our pupils as they are avenues for consolidating what the pupils have learnt in class. The experience the pupils had when we visited the Jabi Lake Mall and the Silver Bird Cinemas impacted greatly on them. They practiced their reading skills in the real world; they saw the different uses of written language and observed similarities and differences in the letter fonts of written notices and signages. Their language grew as they had new experiences and used new vocabulary to talk about them.

7.    Co-Curricular Activities
After-school activities are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1.30p.m. to 2.30p.m. for pupils whose parents wish them to further develop their skills in playing musical instruments. Information on charges are available on demand.

8.    Achievements/Awards
We take pride in the high phonics abilities of our pupils which are fully tested at the Annual Spelling-Bee Competition.  The 3 finalists fully deserve the Awards they get. The high-point of the competition is when the pupils have exhausted the words on the spelling list and there are still no clear winners and the audience made up of parents and guests have to supply ‘killer words!’ The pupils are given words like doubt, deforestation, microphone, stethoscope, ophthalmologist and they spell them with ease!!!! This is achieved through the robust Language, Communication and Literacy programmes we offer. The LBIS EY Declamation Contest is also an event that everyone watches out for.